Hello to you all

My name is Felicity and i am a baker by trade..

For the last 15 years i have been making cakes and cookies for the most wonderful people..When it came to cookies i was always intrigued by the different shapes and styles but never really had the time to delve deeper into cookie decorating, as cakes would be the popular choice. Now it seems cookies are a thing..but where could i get my unusual and different cookies cutters from that didn't cost me a fortune...that's when Flick's Sweet Spot was created in July 2018..i love to design and produce a product that i can use as well as share with everyone else. My Cutters not only cut through cookie dough..they have a bevilled cutting edge so you can get a nice clean cut through fondant and pastry with no feathery edges...Having that baking knowledge i know when a product is good and when it is crap...and i have to say i am totally in love with my Pink Cookie Cutter range..

Happy Baking...